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Hey, I'm Veronica!


I am passionate about creating elevated experiences and love making a bold statement.



I’ve always considered myself a ‘Pinterest Mom’, especially when it came to my favorite hobby- planning my kid’s birthday parties. From pirate parties for my son’s 2nd birthday to Justin Bieber pool parties for my then-tween daughter, I was always looking for fun ways to take those events up a notch and make them even more special. When COVID-19 forced us to move my daughter’s graduation party outdoors in 2020, I needed something to spruce up the limited space we had.


That’s when I stumbled on balloon garlands (on Pinterest, of course). Wanting to hire this out and having zero luck finding anyone in the area, I decided to make my own. It received so many compliments but having always been competitive, even with myself, I knew I could have done better. I also realized there was a very real market out there for this type of fun, over the top balloon decor.


So I practiced, invested in courses led by some prominent names in the industry…and took photos. In late August 2020, Pumped was launched on Instagram. Mostly booking friends, I knew right away I absolutely loved the process of creating these balloon garlands and the joy it brought my friends and family. By 2021, everyone was partying again and Pumped had moved beyond mostly graduation parties and was now in a few businesses and people I didn’t know were reaching out. 


As of 2023, Pumped has now been in hundreds of venues including homes, businesses, and universities. Through balloons, we’ve helped celebrate the same couple’s engagement, their baby shower, and that same  little one’s first birthday. We get to be a part of your special days, and we are so honored by that. Today, I continue to educate myself in the art of balloon design and stay up to date on all the latest trends and consider myself incredibly lucky to work within the event industry, and look forward to continuing growing Pumped Party, Co.  

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