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Asked Questions

Don’t see a question you have? Please reach out to me at and ask! I would gladly answer any questions you have! 


How can I get Pumped at my event?

We can’t wait to party with you, either! To get started, please click on the Contact tab and fill out our inquiry form with a few details about your party. Once that is complete, we’ll be in touch with more information on how to book. If you are  looking to book your business or corporate event, please email for more information. 


How much are your balloon installations?

Our balloon installations start at $200 and increase depending on size and any add-ons included. When your request is received, you will receive a Price Guide with a list of our services and their starting prices based on the information provided in your inquiry form. 


How do deposits/payments work?

All bookings require a booking fee of at least 50% of your total install cost. This deposit holds the date/time of your event. Your event is not booked until your deposit is received. Any remaining balance will be automatically deducted from the payment account 2 days before your event. Booking fees are non-refundable. Should your event be canceled or postponed, any funds paid will go towards the rescheduled event or any other event. Dates for rescheduled/new events are subject to availability.


How far in advance should I book?

Because every install is 100% customized, please book your event no later than 3 weeks prior to your event. Events booked after 2 weeks away may still be accepted but may be limited on supplies/color options. In the event we are able to accept a booking 7 days or less from your event date, a $25 rush fee will be added to your invoice total.


How long does it take to set up?

Each install is assembled onsite and requires the appropriate amount of time to achieve the desired look. Please consider this when scheduling your set up and the time your guests may begin arriving. The minimum amount of time needed to set up is 45 minutes. This time increases for larger, more complex installs. 


How do you hang the balloons?

When possible, we use existing fixtures to tie ‘loops’ on so we can eliminate or reduce the use of adhesives.  However, when that option is not available, other adhesive methods depending on the surface and its texture will be used. Our current attaching methods (with adhesive) include, but are not limited to, command hooks, painter’s tape, and heavy duty adhesive hooks for brick/stone/concrete surfaces. Please contact your venue prior to booking your balloon installation to verify whether or not they allow balloon garlands being hung in their space. Pumped is not responsible for any damage caused by these methods. Failure to contact the venue for this information may result in a change in your garland size and installation process, at the same cost as the already booked install. If your venue does not allow adhesive and does not have fixtures I can tie my loops to, let's chat about our growing selection of stand rentals!! 


How long will my balloons last?

We use only high quality, professional grade balloons in our work and take every precaution to ensure your balloons will look great and last throughout your event and can potentially last a long time after your event. However, they are still balloons and the environment they will be in plays a big part of their longevity. Balloons thrive at room temperature. Please keep your balloons away from direct sunlight, high temps, or extreme cold. These conditions will affect the look, size, and lifespan of your balloons. Balloons for next day events should also be stored at room temperature, where they won’t be handled until your event. Once balloons are in your possession, their lifespan and appearance is out of our control. 


Can I provide my own  balloons and backdrops/stands for you to put together?

No. Well, let me take some of that back. You may provide your own stand as long as we discuss and approve it. I promise there is a reason for this! You are of course, welcome to use your own backdrops. Any (approved) stand or backdrop you are providing must be hung/assembled prior to my arrival.  Balloons? Still no. 


What do I do with the balloons after my event?

Tear down service is not included in your installation price. If you or your venue require this service, please let us know and we can discuss this option and any applicable fees. Otherwise, balloons can be popped and though we use biodegradable, natural latex balloons, they should still be disposed of properly. If you or a friend can reuse them, even better! Please keep any popped balloons out of reach of children and pets. When tear down services are provided, balloons are popped onsite and will be noisy. 


Do you travel? 

Absolutely! Though we primarily service the Quad Cities, we are more than happy to come to you on either side of the river! A travel fee is included and will depend on your distance from our’s in Bettendorf, Iowa, with a minimum of $25. For balloon installs 30 miles away or more, a $300 minimum balloon order is required in addition to the travel fee.


Do you offer grab and go garlands?

At this time, we do not offer Grab and Go garlands. But it is something we look forward to offering in the future!

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